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Attractions Mekepung was developed around the year 1930. The Sais /Joki wears the soldiers dress which was the style of the ancient kingdom in Bali. He wears headband, scarf, selempod, barefoot trousers and wearing a sword tucked poleng gloves (black and white).

Mekepung Image

Attractions Mekepung only exists in parts of the West Bali Jembrana Regency. Mekepung means romp, his inspiration comes from the activities of processing stages namely stage pulverization of wetland soil into mud by wearing pirate lampit slau. In the process of soil pulverization, rice farmers working in mutual cooperation with his colleagues, including rice farmers and their relatives in preparing for its consumption. Plow lampit slau pulled by two water buffaloes and as a means of decorating the neck of the buffalo, the buffalo is necklace clapper gerondongan (gongseng large) so that when the buffalo are walking pull a plow lampit slau it will sound like music to sound a skirt (with voice-gejreng gejreng) for mutual assistance worked there plow much of each drawn by two buffaloes were ridden by a coachman / jockey sits on the plow lampit slau. In this work, the coachman began to have something to complain permissibility buffalo pulling plows in strength, then this is the beginning of a power struggle occurred mekepung buffalo pulling plows so that for the first time there is mekepung mekepung attractions in the fields that contain sludge that is land in the village of Subak Pecelengan Mendoyo Dangin Tukad, Mendoyo District, Regency of Jembrana – Bali. Over time this attraction activities followed by other farmers and berkebang in other areas such as Subak Temuku Aya, and Subak Subak Gede Upright Mertasari and later became a special berkebang Attractions Wet Mekepung in which the activities carried out in rotation at the beginning there was water buffalo disawah.Pacuan (Mekepung) which is the tradition of State – Bali, Indonesia.

The ingredients used are no longer plow Lampit Slau but very mini size carts that are decorated with fascinating carvings of Sais / jockey is wearing traditional clothing batik headband, shirt selempod tanganpanjang wear, wear long pants and shoes but not a sword tucked in his waist so that Mekepung is named “Benhur JEMBRANA”.

Originally Mekepung was the tradition of the farmers plowing their rice field in Jembrana.
They used to work and help each others. This traditional team work is known as Gotong Royong until now.

Since then, Mekepung is performed as an interesting attraction and being the trade mark of Jembrana Regency.

Mekepung Bali


Month Day Date Circuite Location Cup
July Sunday 29 Mertasari -
August Sunday 12 Tuwed Regent Cup
Sunday 26 Delod Berawah -
September Sunday 09 Pangkung Dalem -
Sunday 23 Mertasari  
October Sunday 07 Kaliakah -
  Sunday 21 Delod Berawah -
November Sunday 04 Awen -
  Sunday 18 Delod Berawah Governor Cup

Location can be switched depending on field conditions.
Please contact us for details, how to get there and the best time to go.

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