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Indonesian Grand Rijsttafel (rice table) is the best way to experience the unique taste of Indonesia's exotic cuisines. A spread of 20 dishes will be served on your table.

The idea of rijsttafel came up during the Dutch colonial period. At the time, the Dutch people observed how Indonesian families ate dinner together and the food, which comprised of rice and various small dishes, was served at the same time instead of in a certain order as was common in Europe. They were interested in following this unique way of serving Indonesian food, but done in greater quantities and consumed according to their own custom.

To give a more lavish impression, the food served in rijsttafel comes in a lot of variations which include rice, main dishes and desserts. The rice itself comes in many different colours such as white (jasmine and coconut rice), yellow (turmeric rice) and red. The main dishes comprise of beef, mutton, chicken, fish, seafood and vegetables, cooked in several different ways such as stir-fried, deep-fried, grilled, steamed or made into soup. To complete the dining experience, fruits or Indonesian traditional cakes are served as desserts.

After enjoying much popularities during the colonial period, rijsttafel was taken out of Indonesia and made popular by the Dutch people in their country. Nowadays in Indonesia, this unique way of dining can only be enjoyed in certain places such as restaurants or fine hotels.

Dinner + Show (Balinese Dance Performance)
Menu: Indonesian Grand Rijsttafel, 20-dishes of Indonesian meal
You will be entertained with a special Balinese Dance Performance on every Tuesday, Thurday and Saturday starting at 6.30 pm until 7.15 pm.


Dinner Only (without show)
Menu: Indonesian Grand Rijsttafel, 20-dishes of Indonesian meal



- Chicken soup

Main Course:
- Pickled vegetables
- Salad in peanut sauce
- Long beans in coconut milk
- Chicken satay
- Balinese Fish satay
- Taliwang grilled chicken
- Chicken curry
- Eggplant in soya sauce
- Spicy grilled fillet fish
- Fried soya bean cake
- Grilled fish cake

- Corn fritter
- Tofu omelette
- Peanut crackers
- Egg in chilli sauce
- Spicy prawns
- Sweet and Sour Fish
- Steamed Plain-Turmeric Rice

- Cassava Cup Cake
- Fruit Mixed Ice

- Indonesian Bottled Tea
- Mineral Water

Lunch Only (without show)
Menu: Indonesian Nasi Tumpeng



- Chicken soup

Main Course:
- Presto Fried Chicken
- Spicy Fried Potato
- Eggplant in Soybeans Sauce
- Fried Potato Cake
- Javanese Mixed Vegetable

- Crispy Fried Fish
- Fried Noodle
- Steamed Plain - Turmeric Rice

- Fruit Mixed Ice

- Mineral Water




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Restaurants in Bali:

Ulam Restaurant - Nusa Dua
1. Jln. Pantai Mengiat No. 14 Nusa Dua – Bali
2. Jln.b Pratamab No. 88,b Br. Terora Nusa Dua – Bali
Segara Cafe - Jimbaran
Telp. 0361 - 705978
Website :
Crab House Bali - Jimbaran
Nusa Dua - Bali
Telp. 0361 - 771037
Website :
Bebek Uma Dawa Restaurant
Jln. Raya Andong - Ubud - Bali

Phone: 0361 975429
Website :
Star Anise Restaurant & Bakerry
Jl. Setia Budi S. Kuta - Bali
Phone: (0361) 757855 56
Golden Palace International Restaurant
Raya Kuta Street
Phone: (0361) 752304
Grand Puncak Sari
Kintamani, Bangli - Bali 80652
Phone: (0366) 51073 / 52384
Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant
Jalan Raya Goa Gajah Ubud
Phone: (0)36 197 5656
Furama Bumbu Bali
Jalan Pantai Kedonganan, Bali, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 7470805 /+62 361 7862885
Mobile: +6285238726667 Fax: +62 361 704001
King Crab Dena's Cafe
Jimbaran Beach - Bali
Phone: 081 239 00 976
Rasa Graha Restaurant
Tirta Nadi Sanur Street
Phone: (0361) 287712
Rama Briage Restaurant
Dewi Sartika Street
Phone: (0361) 754854
Rai Seafood Restaurant
Pratama Tanjung Benoa Street
Phone: (0361) 771277
Puri Jimbaran Restaurant
Pantai Kedonganan Street
Phone: (0361) 709119
Puri Dayu Restaurant
Padma Legian Kuta Street 9X
Phone: (0361) 755896
Mexican. Highly recommended
PH: 751 093
The Hann Restaurant
Pantai Mangiat Street 88
Phone: (0361) 774210
Thai Restaurant
Pura Bagus Teruna Street 523
Phone: (0361) 761771
Take Japanese Restaurant
Padma Street
Phone: (0361) 763376
Swastika Garden Restaurant
Bali Hyatt Street
Phone: (0361) 288573
Taipan Restaurant
Raya Kuta Tuban Street 17-G
Phone: (0361) 755850
Shanghai Restaurant
By Pass Nusa Dua Street
Phone: (0361) 777959
Galaxy Restaurant
Dyana Pura Street 10-X
Phone: (0361) 731011
Bali Gonzaga
Pratama Tanjung Benoa Street
Phone: (0361) 776565
Ultimo Restaurant
Lesmana Street 104-X
Phone: (0361) 738720
Twigs Restaurant
Legian Tengah Street 408
Phone: (0361) 767285
Turama Restaurant
Teuku Umar Street 226
Phone: (0361) 256405
Tudes Bar & Grill Restaurant
Mertasari Street 8-A
Phone: (0361) 286682
Trophy Pub & Restaurant
Danau Tamblingan Street 49
Phone: (0361) 286230
Toscana Italian Restaurant
Lesmana Street 104-X
Phone: (0361) 738720
Tiu Ciu Restoran
P Diponegoro Street 150 IDT Trade Centre, A/3
Phone: (0361) 264967
Legian Restaurant
P Diponegoro Street 103
Phone: (0361) 241222
Jimbaran Beach Cafe
Pemelisan Agung Street
Phone: (0361) 703033
Yans Restaurant
Kartika Plaza Kuta Street
Phone: (0361) 766223
Yakiniku Sama Sama Restaurant
By Pass Ngurah Rai Street 128
Phone: (0361) 771129
Wina Veggie Restaurant
Pulau Saelus Street 8 C
Phone: (0361) 254854
Wendys Restaurants
P Diponegoro Street 103-AB
Phone: (0361) 243848
Watering Hole Restaurant
Hang Tuah Street 37
Phone: (0361) 288289
Venue @ The Moon Restaurant
Petitenget Kerobokan Street 2001-X
Phone: (0361) 730629
Planet Hollywood
By Pass Ngurah Rai Street Galleria Bali
Phone: (0361) 757827
Orientale Restaurant
Hayam Wuruk Street 130
Phone: (0361) 261562
Gado Gado
Disco. Restaurant. Under renovation
PH: 730 955
Bebek Bengil Restaurant Ubud
Famous for the Crispy Duck since 1990
Telp. 0361 - 975189
Seaside Restaurant
Pantai Arjuna Double Six Street 17
Phone: (0361) 737139

Double Six
Disco! Open nightly. Best after 2:00am
PH: 731 266

One of the area's best Japanese restaurants
Made's Warung
Try the "Nasi Campur!"
PH: 732 130
Kin Khao
Authentic Thai cuisine. Air-conditioned
PH: 757 808
Cafe Luna
One of the area's best places to meet
PH: 730 805
Goa 2001
Fish. Good Music. Best after 11:00pm
PH: 731 178
Jaya Pub
Drinks. Live jazz/blues music. Lots of fun
PH: 730 973
Warisan Restaurant
Best cuisine in Bali Special night out
PH: 731 175
Italian. Great Pasta & Pizzas
PH: 730 492
Blue Star! No frills. Quick service
Blue Ocean
Cheap eats & right on the beach!
Bali Village Hotel
Breakfast smorgasbord
PH: 753 893
Warung Batavia
Excellent Indonesian cuisine
Legian Snacks
Mixed Menu. Good and Cheap!
Padma Hotel
Try the Japanese/Tepanyaki bar. Not too pricey for a 4 star hotel
PH: 752 111

Poco Loco
Mexican. Great atmosphere
PH: 756 079

Aina's Bar
Excellent music, great drinks. A must!
PH: 730 182

Bounty Rest
Movies, smorgasbord etc
PH: 753 030

Excellent vegetarian eatery
PH: 751 003 or 757 386
Un's Rest
Euro & Indo cuisine. Awesome service!
PH: 752 280
The Palace International Restaurant
Raya Kuta Street 68 Central Parkir Kuta Complex, Tiara Kuta Galleria
Phone: (0361) 762255
La Lucciola
International cuisine. Ocean View To Die For!!! Have a long, lazy lunch here!
PH: 261 047 or 730 838
Santa Fe
Last stop after the bars close! Excellent pizzas
PH: 731147
Kura Kura
Euro & Indo cuisine. Great bar + TV!
PH: 730 445
Greek Restaurant/Bar
PH: 732 567 Fax: 732 571
The best cocktail bar & meeting place
PH: 732 685
Mr. Chicken
Take-away roast chicken
PH: 734 780
Tebu Bakery
Go for breakfast at least!
PH: 731 906
Gateway Of India
The real thing! Very reasonable too
Spaghetti Jazz
In the heart of the action. Open late
PH: 730 810
Bintang Bottle Shop
Home delivered icy cold cases of beer, day/night! Beer drinkers hangout
PH: 733 963
Ku De Ta
New upscale beach front restaurant, adjacent to Oberoi Hotel
PH: 730 969
Ryoshi Rest
Japanese cuisine, Sushi bar.
Great ambience & probably the cheapest Japanese restaurant in the world!
PH: 731 152
Newest & really the best authentic Japanese restaurant! Right next to Made's Warung, Seminyak Parking
PH: 730 576
Made's Warung
Mixed European and Indonesian. A favorite amongst those in the know!
PH: 751 923
Sanur Garden Restaurant
Danau Tamblingan Street 79
Phone: (0361) 288335
Samudra Restaurant
Teuku Umar Street 69
Phone: (0361) 221758
Red Dragon Restaurant
Raya Kerobokan Street 107
Phone: (0361) 731468

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