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Thalasso Bali Spa

Jl. Pratama 74 - Tanjung Benoa PO. Box 43 Nusa Dua 80363
Bali - Indonesia


Free your mind and body in the healing powers of the sea. The world's most powerful life source, holds the key to health, beauty and relaxation. The intrinsic link between you and sea, forms the basis of this life giving treatment.
Overlooking the sea, in the lush flowering gardens of the Grand Mirage Resort, is the serene lagoon of Thalassotherapy. Fed by its ownlife source of fresh sea water, Thalasso Bali is unique. Sail to deeper levels of health
and beauty on the sea of Gods. Give yourself an aquatic rebirth inside and out.

Thalasso Treatment :

Aquamedic Pool
Reduce excess cellulite and improve your muscle tone, flexibility and circulation through a series of aquatic leg exercises. Feel the force of the sea massage your feet, lower back and shoulders under jet streams and pounding waterfalls or relax on an underwater bed as micro jets revive your body with an effervescent massage.

Relax during a computerized pressure massage. This treatment uses compressed air to improve the circulation throughtout your feed and legs.

Float away on a bed of relaxation asa you lie in a uniquely designed bath. Our specially trained hydro therapists give specific path of your body an underwater jet massage, aiding deeper levels of muscle toning and relaxation.

A shower of warm and cool sea spray cascades over your body as fragrant French oils are rubbed into your feet, legs and back enabling a rapid replenishment of vital natural elements such as iron, cropper, manganese, cobalt and iodine, Your body's immune system, circulation and muscle tone are improved.

Douche au jet
A bracing hydro massage awakens your entire body, leaving your refreshed, energized and ready to face another day. The warmth and the power of the jet stream reduce both tension and cellulite, invigorating your skin and enargizing your spirit.

Bain d'algues
Immerse into the warm waters of the sea where currents and bubbles surge around you. Your muscles are toned while your skin is cleansed by seawater and 150 high pressure jets which give you a marine aqua massage. The water temperature allows absorption of natural elements, improving your overall health.

Application d'algues
Containing ten times the concentration of natural elements than are in seawater, seaweed has incredible rejuvenating powers. Your body is painted with imported seaweed paste and wrapped in a warm blanket. The sea's natural elements are rapidly absorbed and your immune system is improved as toxins are eliminated and excess fat burned off.

A soothing balm leaves your hands and arms floating above the waves, as smooth as silk and lighter than air. A scrub, followed by a seaweed massage, cleanses, softens and moisturizes the skin.

Aromatheraphy massage
Float away on the tropical scent of Balinese lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus mint or island fruits. Under the expert hands of our trained masseuse indulge yourself in an exotic French or therapeutic massage. Awaken looking and feeling refreshed, revived and radiant.

Dip your feet into gently bubbling water and let the tensions of the land drift away. Adual tub, specially designed to revive your feet and legs, has one tub filled with warm and the other cool seawater. The bubbles and changes in temperature improve blood circulation while peacefully relaxing your mind, body and soul.

Thalasso Packages rate :

Renewal Day Thalasso Spa
Duration : 3.5 hours
US $ 115  nett/person - Our Price : US $ 98 nett

Any four choices of our Thalasso Care plus Aquamedic Pool + Healty Light Meal at Thalasso Cafe or you can choose from any of our premade packages:

  • Relaxation
    Aromatherapy Massage, Seaweed Deluxe Hydro Bath, Pressotherapy and Aquamedic Pool.
  • Slimming
    Seaweed Deluxe Application, Balineotherapy, Deluxe Bubble Foot Bath and Aquamedic Pool.
  • Skin Care
    Seaweed Deluxe Application, Aromatherapy Flower Bath, Affusion Massage, and Aquamedic Pool.
  • For Men
    Seaweed Deluxe Hydro Bath, Affusion Massage, Great Shower and Aquamedic Pool

Ying Yang Cave
Duration : 2 hours
US $ 85  nett/person - Our Price : US $ 72 nett

Sea Salt Scrub, Circulatory Shower, Manual Affusion, Affusion Rain Shower and Aquamedic Pool plus Healthy Refreshment at Cafe.

Cinnamon Cloud
Duration : 2.5 hours
US $ 200  net/2 person - Our Price : US $ 170 nett

Lulur, Aromatherapy Massage, Flower Bath, Traditional Facial plus light Meal at Thalasso Cafe.

Royal Beauty
Duration : 4.5 hours
US $ 155  net/person - Our Price : US $ 132 nett

Aromatherapy Massage, Aquamedic Pool, Body Exfoliation (Scrub), Seaweed Application/Seaweeed Deluxe Hydro Bath, Phytomer - French Seaweed Facial, Manicure + Healthy Light Meal at Thalasso Cafe.


Individual Program :

Aquamedic Pool
Duration : 60 minutes
US $ 30  net/person - Our Price : US $ 26 nett

Seaweed Deluxe Hydro Bath
Duration : 25 minutes
US $ 35  net/person - Our Price : US $ 28 nett

Duration : 25 minutes
US $ 35  net/person - Our Price : US $ 28 nett

Affusion shower Massage
Duration : 25 minutes
US $ 40  net/person - Our Price : US $ 34 nett

Great Shower
Duration : 15 minutes
US $ 35  net/person - Our Price : US $ 28 nett

Deluxe Bubble Foot Bath
Duration : 25 minutes
US $ 35  net/person - Our Price : US $ 28 nett

Seaweed Deluxe Application
Duration : 50 minutes
US $ 45  net/person - Our Price : US $ 38 nett

Hand Scrub and Seaweed Massage
Duration : 25 minutes
US $ 35  net/person - Our Price : US $ 28 nett

Aerosol Marine
Duration : 15 minutes
US $ 35  net/person - Our Price : US $ 28 nett

Duration : 25 minutes
US $ 35  net/person - Our Price : US $ 28 nett

Aromatheraphy Massage
Duration : 50 minutes
US $ 40  net/person - Our Price : US $ 34 nett



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