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The Ulin Spa
Spa Spa
Spa Spa Building

The Ulin Spa Menu:

Discover the luxury of true indulgence. Our Cocoa and Wine Splendour treatment takes you on a sensory journey that nurtures body, mind and spirit. The pampering begins with a royal foot bath ritual using aromatic peppermint salt. This is followed by a replenishing body cleansing and decadent red wine body splash. A luscious seventy-five minute full-body massage using cocoa massage oil to melt away tension comes next, followed by a reviving cocoa body scrub. This heavenly experience continues with a leisurely fresh rose petals bath. A soothing application of cocoa body lotion brings this ritual to an end along with a glass of red wine to elevate your senses and leave you feeling refreshingly fabulous.

10 minute - royal foot bath ritual with aromatic peppermint salt
5 minute - body cleansing
10 minute red wine body splash
75 minute - full-body massage with intoxicating cocoa massage oil
10 minute - cocoa body scrub
10 minute - rose petal bath + cocoa body lotion
A glass of red wine

Semara Ratih 120 minutes
Semara Ratih begins with a gentle ritual of foot bath using aromatic bath salt with rose and geranium.

Then your skin is exfoliated with choice of fresh fruits body scrub. A soothing massage comes next and let your therapist melt away your stress and tension with sensual body massage oil, blend of sandalwood, ylang ylang and bergamot essential oil. Then fresh fruit body polish is applied to restore and condition your skin. This ritual concludes with an aromatic flower petal bath.
10 minute - foot bath ritual with aromatic bath salt and rose petal
15 minute – fresh fruit body scrub
70 minute - body massage with sensual massage oil
10 minute – fresh fruit body polish
15 minute - flower bath
A glass of fresh fruit juice of your choice.

Choice of Body scrub and body polish includes:
Strawberry is recommended for anti ageing and detoxifying. Suitable for oily and sensitive skin.
Avocado to deeply purify your skin and to balance the PH and to condition your dry skin.
Orange is recommended for the firmness and luminosity of your oily skin.
Papaya to improve the softness of dehydrated skin.

Holistic Ritual 120 minutes
The holistic ritual starts with foot bath using spices and herbal bath salt to stimulate your circulation. An aromatic body massage with specially blended massage oil is next, followed by exfoliating body scrub. This treatment is completes with herbal bath and complemented with a healthy ginger tea.

10 minute – foot bath with spice and herbs
10 minute - body cleansing
60 minute – body massage with choice of aromatic massage oil
15 minute - body scrub with Javanese lulur, coffee, dead-sea mud or seaweed
10 minute – body mask
15 minute – spice and herbs bath
A cup of home-made ginger tea

Choice of aromatic massage oil includes:
Lemongrass is recommended for fever, respiratory problems, insomnia and muscle sore.
Cinnamon to ease fatigue and tension.
Rosemary is recommended for stress, colds, flu and respiratory problem.
Eucalyptus to enhance the vitality, fever, headache and respiratory problem.

Choice of body scrub includes:
Javanese Lulur to beautify and soften your skin, an ancient Indonesian ritual prior to wedding day.
Balinese coffee to eliminate toxin and exfoliate your skin.
Dead sea mud to tone, revitalize and purify your skin.
Seaweed is recommended to heal and soften your skin.

Herbal Spa 120 minute
Indulge yourself with rejuvenating advantages of Indonesian beauty essential herbs. Your ritual begins with aromatic foot bath with sea salt scrub to stimulate your circulation. Aromatic body massage comes next using lemongrass, strongly recommended for fever, respiratory problem, insomnia and muscle sore. Then your body will be exfoliated with choice of body scrub, followed by body polish with yoghurt to restore and condition your skin. This purification ritual finishes with flower petal bath.

10 minute – foot bath with peppermint bath salt
10 minute - body cleansing
60 minute – aromatic body massage
15 minute - body scrub with Javanese lulur, coffee or cinnamon
10 minute – yoghurt body polish
15 minute – flower bath
A cup of home made ginger tea

Choice of body scrub includes :
Javanese Lulur to beautify and soften your skin, an ancient Indonesian ritual prior to wedding day.
Balinese coffee to eliminate toxin and exfoliate your skin.
Cinnamon is recommended to remove the impurities and soften your skin.

Aromatic Heritage 120 minute
Escape into an invigorating world of royal indulgence. Begin with aromatic footbath using fresh tropical flowers and herbal bath salt. Then your skin is exfoliated and purified with blend of aromatic ingredients. A soothing body massage comes next to relieve your tension, followed by yoghurt body polish to restore and condition your skin. The aromatic heritage treatment concludes with aromatic flower petal bath.

10 minute – foot bath with peppermint bath salts and tropical flowers
10 minute - body cleansing
60 minute – soothing body massage
15 minute - body scrub
10 minute – yoghurt body polish
15 minute – aromatic flower petal bath
A cup of home made ginger tea

Choice of body massage oil includes:

Selection of body scrub includes:
Lavender with Aloe Vera
Frangipani with Avocado
Lemon with Whitening Milk
Rose with Honey.

Four Hands One Spirit Massages 120 minutes
Immerse yourself in the ultimate body massage experience with special oil designed and blended for this treatment.

Four hands massage is a synchronicity massage where two superbly trained therapists simultaneously guide their hands to facilitate the harmonizing of energies, relief stress and melt away your tension.

This treatment includes:
Foot bath and body massage.
A healthy ginger tea will conclude your four hands massage experience.

Warm Stones Massage 60 minutes or 120 minutes
The warm stone massage is utilize the warmth of natural volcanic stones. This can result in alleviation of chronic and acute problems that you may deal with on your ordinary.

Begins with foot bath using rose and geranium to cleans and allow you to relax. Body massage using volcanic warm volcanic stones is next. The stones are specially picked up from mount Agung, the biggest volcano in Bali. It has energy to detoxify, energize and revitalize your body.

Aroma Therapy Massage
Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils. Start with foot bath using aromatic bath salt then followed by body massage. Let our massage therapist help you to relax, melt away your stress and tension. Aromatherapy is an ultimate massage experience.

Choice of aromatherapy oil includes :
Jet lag morning arrival.
Jet lag evening arrival.
Cold and fever.
Toxic eliminator.
Cellulite cleansing.

Fresh Fruit Facial
A unique treatment using blends of natural products and fresh fruits. Cleansing begin with a skin firming massage followed by a gentle exfoliation and steam to eliminate toxin. Fresh fruits mask is then applied followed by face tonic to nourish your face.

Fresh Fruit Facial includes :
Fresh Fruit Facial includes a rejuvenating hand and arm massage to let you completely invigorated.

Hair Spa
Hair Spa begins with hair shampoo before the essential herbs and ingredients are given. Lets our superbly trained therapist apply and thoroughly massaged ancient herbs and ingredients which effective in adding sheen, beautifying, nourishing and revitalizing hair. The hairs then wrapped in a hot towel to optimize absorption and effectively open the pores on the scalp. Neck, shoulder, back and hand massage is then given for your ultimate relaxation.

This treatment includes :
Hair wash,
Conditioner and hair tonic to cleanse and nourish the scalp,
Blow dry.

Shirodara is a traditional Indian Ayurvedic treatment to create self awareness and serenity. It begins with a soothing foot, neck, and head massage during which particular attention is given to the Marma, or energy points located on your scalp. Then a gentle stream of warm medicated oils is poured continually down over your third eye in the centre of your forehead to bring peace and clarity to your mind, body and spirit.

Shirodara is recommended for those with chronics headaches, insomnia, stress and tension.

Ear Candling
An ancient therapeutic method of removing inner debris through a natural vacuum. This simple and time proven therapy can be very effective in removing old troublesome blockages from the ear canal. A special conical candle is inserted into a protective plate. The candle is lit and slowly begins to burn. The small tapered end of the candle is gently placed into your ear canal. The ear candle by it shape, design and length draws ear wax and fungus deposits from deep inside your ear canal. As the ear candling session progresses, extracted ear wax and fungus will be burned off, but majority will be collected in the bottom part of the candle. It is not a cure for any disease, illness or ailment.

No Tour Packages Options Price (USD)
1 Semara Ratih and Fresh Fruit Facial 180 Minutes 55.00
2 Semara Ratih 120 Minutes 50.00
3 Holistic Ritual 120 Minutes 55.00
4 Four Hands One Spirit 120 Minutes 50.00
5 Aromatic Heritage 120 Minutes 40.00
6 Herbal Spa 120 Minutes 40.00
7 Hair Spa 120 Minutes 40.00
8 Warm Stones Massage 60 Minutes 35.00
9 Warm Stones Massage 120 Minutes 45.00
10 Aromatherapy Massage 60 Minutes 30.00
11 Aromatherapy Massage 90 Minutes 35.00
12 Aromatherapy Massage 120 Minutes 40.00
13 Fresh Fruit Facial 60 Minutes 35.00
14 Shirodara 60 Minutes 45.00
15 Cocoa & Wine Splendour (120 minutes) 50.00
16 Ear Candle 35.00

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